Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a couple short reviews for a couple bad movies

Jennifer's Body (2009) has dialogue that is sometimes painfully stupid and sometimes fun and clever. The characters talk in stylized slang that makes it clear the creators want us to see Jennifer's Body as the spiritual successor to Heathers, but slick visuals, one liners, pretty stars and a lack of any memorable substance establish this as the spiritual successor to I Know what you did last Summer. 

Final Destination (2000) looked so complicated and awesome in the trailer, and I remember having enjoyed it when it first came out. It's a fun premise - death coming for a group of teens who had avoided a plane crash. Like a gory game of mousetrap, with Rube Goldbergesque grisly deaths. But, like the actual game of mousetrap, it was cool on the commercial, but turned out to be kind of boring and stupid. I suspect this is a movie where the sequels might actually be more fun. There's a lot of potential in the premise.


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  2. I watched all of the Final Destination series and the second is by far the best.. They really focused on making the deaths not only creative and interesting, but gruesome in all the right ways. I highly recommend it, while I usually tell people to just skip the rest of the series..

  3. The first Final Destination was hilarious for a while. The death for the female teacher was incredibly funny how it kept getting worse and worse. Candyman as the Morgue attendant creeping out the kids was awesome.

    It kinda went off the rails when it got to the etching the girlfriends name into the memorial part of the movie, but before that it was pretty good. I liked the Paris part too.

  4. The spiritual successor to I Know What You Did Last Summer instead of Heathers - I wish I had come up with that.

  5. I liked the first FD because it was fun. It wasnt exactly funny for being bad, it wasnt scary or anything. It was just fun.

    And I didnt even bother to watch Jennifers Body. That looked horrible from the beginning.